About PSC Motorcycle Safety Courses

7 A.M. – 5 P.M.


Motorcycle Safety, sure, but what is an Endorsement, and do I need one?

To ride a motorcycle legally in Florida you must have the words “Motorcycle Also” or “Motorcycle Only” on your driver’s license. You can only add that endorsement by completing a 15-hour motorcycle safety course. If you ride any motorcycle, scooter or trike with an engine at least 50cc or larger, you need the endorsement.

If I’ve been riding for a long time, do I need the class?

Yes, it’s the only way to get the endorsement added. You will build your skills even if you already know how to ride, so don’t worry…you’ll have fun too.

What if I have an out of state license?

You can still take our class. After your class, you can ask your home state if they will add an endorsement with your completion card, or exchange that license for a Florida one with the endorsement on it.

What if I want to ride a three-wheeler or a trike… is this course for me?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a 3 Wheel or Trike course, there is however the benefit of learning basic motorcycle operation and street strategies for a motorcycle.

How do I sign up for the course?

Click on the Register link for step-by-step instructions.

Where are classes taught?

Our training location:
Pensacola State College 1000 College Blvd 96 Room 9663

How much is the course?

The Basic Rider Course is $235.00.

What happens after the course is complete?

To successfully complete the course, you must be successful on both a 25-question multiple-choice evaluation and a 5-part Skill Evaluation on the motorcycle. Upon completion of the course, your information will be entered into the DMV portal with satisfactory requirements. You must go to the DMV and pay the required fee and receive a new Driver’s License with the Motorcycle Endorsement.

What will I need to bring to the course?

You will need:

  1. Over the ankle footwear (please use footwear that allows you to “feel” the foot controls. Shoes/boots with a large heel or big toe box make it difficult to shift, especially for the ladies. Boots with steel toes or a hard toe box do not allow you to feel the shifter.)
  2. Long pants
  3. Long sleeve shirt (or Jacket) If hot, a light-colored shirt works best.
  4. Full-fingered gloves (We can provide gloves if needed)
  5. D.O.T. Helmet (We can provide a helmet if needed.)
  6. Eye protection Note: Glasses are considered eye protection for the purpose of this course.
  7. Sunglasses and sunscreen are optional but recommended.
  8. If it looks like rain, consider bringing rain gear as we will still ride!