Aging and Health Bundle

Gain knowledge and skills from the latest research and emerging trends to help you effectively care for and work with aging population. Ed2Go certificates in healthy aging, gerontology, and brain health. (45 hours)

Course R 06538.
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Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregiving 101

Learn effects of Alzheimer’s disease on the brain, ten warning signs, treatment, medications and clinical behavioral characteristics of people diagnosed. Learn about the stages from early, middle and late dementia symptoms and how to provide the best care for your loved one. Learn how a caregiver can avoid burnout when dealing with the challenging behaviors of a loved one with Alzheimer’s. (12 hours)

Course R 06523.

Financial Survival for Retirement

If you are nearing or living in retirement, the course will fill critical knowledge gaps and help you plan your financial future more effectively. Led by radio and TV host, Annalee Leonard.
(4 hours)

Course R 05111.

Get Assertive

Learn to deal with anger and criticism. Gain the skills to be assertive with family members, friends, and more. It is your turn to speak out! (12 hours) R 03899.

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Helping Elderly Parents

This compassionate and comprehensive class will give you tools, techniques, and insights for you to help your elderly family member in their golden years. Learn what to expect, what to watch, how to handle physical and emotional challenges; where to find resources; more. (12 hours)

Course R 06260
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Intro to Stock Options

Learn how to evaluate, buy, sell, and profit from stocks. Examine the origin, risks, jargon, symbols, and other peculiarities of stock options. Explore exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and option pricing. Learn why some are overpriced or underpriced and how to tell the difference before you trade.
(24 hours)

Course R 06539.
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Medicare Made Easy

(2 hours) Clear your confusion about parts of Medicare, enrollment rules and penalties, Medicare supplements and more—for those turning 65 and/or those wanting a review. Class led by Joan Connell, PhD. (2 hours)

Course R 04876.

Music Therapy and Sound Healing

This holistic method of healing uses vibrational and sound frequencies to promote healing and a state of harmony and health. Learn techniques and applications to influence physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being. Learn to determine goals, interventions, and therapeutic uses and benefits. Suggested for caregivers and health-care providers. (8 hours) (8 hours)

Course R 06540.
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Personal Finances

Learn to create and use a budget, borrow and invest wisely,
make intelligent decisions about insurance, plan for your
financial future and so much more. (12 Hours)

Course R 02992.
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Stocks, Bonds & Investing

(24 hours) This is an enjoyable class that walks you through
the fundamentals of investing. Learn about the stock markets,
401k plans, retirement and personal financial issues that are
often ignored, but essential to be a successful investor. (24

Course R 06542.
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Wow, What a Great Event!

Learn how to create and coordinate successful events. Develop
skills, find resources, and gain confidence to plan and produce
any event. (12 hours)

Course R 04511.
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