ASL I, Sign Language

Introduction class to American Sign Language (ASL). Includes
basic grammar, vocabulary, fingerspelling, numbers, and
cultural information related to the Deaf Community. (16 hours)

Course R 06255.

Bullet Journaling 101

The Bullet Journaling Method was created by Ryder Carroll out
of necessity to focus and be effective in college. It has since
become a global movement. Learn how to track the past and
create order for the present and to live intentionally. Creatively
use one journal for all aspects of your life, designed by you for
you and your needs. (12 hours) Course R 06524.
Thursdays May 27–July 1
5:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m. Section # 8195
Bldg. 17, Room 1703 Pensacola Campus

Conversational Japanese

Whether you want to learn conversational Japanese for
travel or just for fun, you will find this course makes it easy
and enjoyable for beginners to master the essentials of the
Japanese language. (12 hours)

Course R 04341.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment 

Discover Sign Language

Learn to communicate with your hands using Sign Language.
Videos enhance instruction. (12 hours)

Course R 05448.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment 

Discover Sign Language II

Learn to build phrases and sentences with the vocabulary from
Discover Sign Language 1. Add vocabulary and more signing
practice in phrases and sentences. Make recordings of yourself
signing for review. Explore deaf culture, its history, famous deaf
individuals, and the impact of recent laws and technology on
the modern-day deaf community. (24 hours)

Course R 06526
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment 

French Individual Lessons

Take private lessons with a native speaker of French. Learn the
basics, refresh knowledge or improve skills through study of
French grammar, pronunciation, and usage. Progress at your
own pace. (6 hours)

Course R 05423.
NOTE: Scheduling of lessons is arranged between student and
instructor. Before registering call 850-484-1797.
Private Lessons
Open Enrollment

French, Beginning Conversational

Learn common French words and phrases for leisure and
business. Pronunciation is made simple with phonetic spellings
for every word and phrase you need to learn. (12 hours)

Course R 02653.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment 

Grammar Refresher

Grammar is fun if you know the rules. Interactive exercises will
give you ample opportunity to put into practice everything you
learn. (12 hours)

Course R 03901
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Instant Italian

Learn how to express yourself comfortably in Italian. You will
learn practical, everyday words and phrases that will make your
stay in Italy more enjoyable. (12 hours)

Course R 03860.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment 

Merrill Ream Speed Reading

Learn to read faster and with better comprehension from
acclaimed speed-reading expert Dr. Merrill Ream. Master the
skills and techniques to become a proficient speed reader.
(12 hours)

Course R 02381.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Mystery Writing

Course uses vivid examples from bestselling novels to teach
the techniques you need to become a successful mystery
author. (12 hours)

Course R 03514.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Ready Set Read!

Learn what the newest research says about how children really
learn to read and write. Become a powerful guide to literacy
development when you work with young children. (12 hours)

Course R 03090
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Russian I

Introduces Russian language and culture—students will learn
basic vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and usage with a
native speaker. (15 hours)

Course R 05248

Russian II

This continuation of Russian I provides students in-depth
lessons on language and culture; learn additional vocabulary,
grammar, usage and conversational skills. Taught by a native
speaker. (15 hours)

Course R 05697

Russian, Individual Lessons

Private lessons in Russian language and culture are suited to
the needs and goals of the student; taught by a native Russian
speaker. (6 hours)

Course R 05102.

NOTE: Class schedule/ meeting time is arranged between student and instructor.
Call 850-484-1797 for more information before registering.
Private Lessons
Open Enrollment 

Screenwriting, Introduction

In this course progress from how to write a script— structure,
character creation and dialogue—to tips for marketing and
selling a screenplay. (12 hours)

Course R 05135
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Speed Spanish I

Designed for anyone who wants to learn Spanish pronto; learn
six easy recipes for gluing Spanish words together to form
sentences. Que Bueno! (12 hours)

Course R 02084.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Speed Spanish II

This follow-up to the Speed Spanish I course introduces several
new recipes to help you quickly build fluency. You will see
words, hear them pronounced properly and be granted plenty
of opportunities to practice your pronunciation. (12 hours)

Course R 03083
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Speed Spanish III

Master your ability to speak, understand, and read Spanish by
taking the final installment in this unique, online, three-part,
Speed Spanish learning series. (12 hours)

Course R 03505
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Write and Publish Your Nonfiction Book

Learn how to write your own non-fiction book while also
gaining the skills to have your book published. (12 hours)

Course R 04391.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Write Fiction Like a Pro

The novice fiction writer is introduced to the techniques used
by professionals to structure novels and stories for maximum
dramatic effect. (12 hours)

Course R 05793.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Write the Stories of Your Life

Everybody has a story, whether from family, work, or simply life.
This creative writing course will help students learn to record
their stories effectively for future generations of family and
friends or beyond to enjoy. (12 hours)

Course R 06487

Write Your Life Story

Learn step-by-step to capture in writing the ideas about your
life. Course provides all the tools to tell the stories in your life.
(12 hours)

Course R 03909.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Writing Essentials

Learn to create solid drafts by selecting strong, persuasive
words, spelling correctly, choosing the right punctuation and
crafting well written sentences, effective paragraphs and
organizing your material logically. (12 hours)

Course R 06007
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Writing for Children

Published children’s author shows you how to touch the heart of
children by creating books for them. (12 hours)

Course R 03516.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Writing for ESL

Learn how to write in English more effectively to succeed in
college and at work. (12 hours)

Course R 04640
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment

Writing Young Adult Fiction

Students will get tips for breaking into one of today’s hottest
publishing markets as they develop their own young adult
stories. (12 hours)

Course R 05057.
Online Ed2Go
Open Enrollment