About PSC Gymnastics

Panhandle Perfection Gymnastics  is administering the Pensacola State College recreational and preschool class program


Please review our reopening plan and safety precautions here.
For more information on classes and teams please call (850) 203-8058.


Can I sign my child up for a class that is not in their age group?

No, all children must be in a class that is appropriate for their age as listed in the course schedule. If your child has a birthday before the fourth class meeting then they may go into the class that is appropriate for the age they will be turning.

How do I register?

  • You may register on-line by clicking here Register Now.  Follow prompts using shopping cart and pay with credit card. For more detailed instructions, please see our Online Registration Instructions.
  • You may register using your Spyglass account.

Where are you located?

We are located on the Pensacola State College main campus in Building 19 directly in front of the track with our own parking lot. PSC Map

What should my child wear?

Gymnastics class students should wear athletic type clothing with no buttons or zippers. Leotards are available for sale at the gym if they would like to wear one. Shirts should be tucked in. No shoes needed. No big ear rings and no rings or bracelets.  Hair should be pulled back and out of child’s face.
Cheerleaders and tumbling classes should were athletic clothing and a shirt tucked in. Please no oversized t-shirts; it is unsafe while being spotted. They can go with or without cheer shoes

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PSC Gymnastics Classes

Co-ed Beginner

Boys and girls ages 6 and up who have never participated
in gymnastics or have done minimal gymnastics.
Course R 06534

Girls’ Beginner

Girls ages 6+ who have never participated in gymnastics or
done minimal gymnastics before. Course R 06269

Girls’ Intermediate

Girls who have attained most of the skills taught in Advanced
Beginner classes. Course R 06271.

Gymnastics Late Term

If you did not register at the beginning of the term and missed
the first two classes, you can register for the last four weeks
of a session in a class that has space. this is available by
permission only. Course R 06545.

Multi-Class Discount

Student may register for a second one-hour class each week
for a discounted price. Permission is required to ensure space
is available in the selected course. Course R 06546.

Parent/Child 1

Classes are for (6 months–12 months) accompanied by a
parent who seek to establish a bond while at the same time
developing the baby’s coordination, general motor skills,
balance and strength. Course R 06278. Parent must
register for non-fee course- N 00374.

Parent/Child 2

Teaches socialization with other children while developing
basic gymnastics skills, coordination, strength and stretching
techniques. Classes intended for children ages 1 year–3 years.
(6 hours) Course R 06279.
NOTE: Parent must register for non-fee course-N 00375.

Preschool 1

Boys and girls ages 3–4 years will be Introduced to the basic
concepts of gymnastics using a variety of stations.
Course R 06280.

Preschool 2

Boys and girls will continue to learn fundamentals of
gymnastics. Course R 06281.
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Preschool 2 Co-Ed

Boys and girls ages 5-6 years transition to larger-sized
equipment, preparing students for beginner classes in the big
gym. Course R 06535.

Tumbling & Trampoline

Students will learn the basics of proper tumbling and proper
trampoline skills using drills and proper progressions. this is
suited to any level and useful for prospective cheerleaders. Course R 06544.

Twice a Week Girls Intermediate

Students attend two, one-and 1/2 hours classes a week for a
reduced fee. Permission is required to ensure that space is
available in the selected classes. Call 484-1797 for dates and
times. Course R 06547.