Speed Spanish II

This follow-up to the Speed Spanish I course introduces several
new recipes to help you quickly build fluency. You will see
words, hear them pronounced properly and be granted plenty
of opportunities to practice your pronunciation. (12 hours)

Course R 03083
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Open Enrollment

Russian, Individual Lessons

Private lessons in Russian language and culture are suited to
the needs and goals of the student; taught by a native Russian
speaker. (6 hours)

Course R 05102.

NOTE: Class schedule/ meeting time is arranged between student and instructor.
Call 850-484-1797 for more information before registering.
Private Lessons
Open Enrollment 

Russian II

This continuation of Russian I provides students in-depth
lessons on language and culture; learn additional vocabulary,
grammar, usage and conversational skills. Taught by a native
speaker. (15 hours)

Course R 05697

French Individual Lessons

Take private lessons with a native speaker of French. Learn the
basics, refresh knowledge or improve skills through study of
French grammar, pronunciation, and usage. Progress at your
own pace. (6 hours)

Course R 05423.
NOTE: Scheduling of lessons is arranged between student and
instructor. Before registering call 850-484-1797.
Private Lessons
Open Enrollment