About the PSC Aquatics Program

The Aquatics Program at Pensacola State College offers a wide variety of classes Monday through Friday. All aquatic classes are offered under the supervision of the Continuing Education Department. Classes include water exercise in the shallow and deep end of the pool, lap swimming with a coach, swim lessons for adults and children, and lifeguard training classes. Registration is required for all classes.
Registration for classes (required for all courses):

  • On the internet:   Click “Register Now” option.
  • Walk In:  Register in person at any Pensacola State College campus Registration Office between 7:30am-4:00pm. 
  • Mail In:  Mail your completed Continuing Education registration form, with payment information (do not send cash) to:  Pensacola State College Cashier Office, 1000 College Blvd., Pensacola, FL 32504

Pensacola State College Swimming Pool is open Monday through Friday for your swimming enjoyment.   Water exercise classes in the shallow and deep ends of the pool, Adult and children swim lessons, and master swim classes are offered for all ages to work and swim at their ability level.

Recreation Swim time is open to the community to enjoy the pool without an instructor or coach.  Lifeguard certification classes are offered during the spring and summer semesters.

Greater Pensacola Aquatic Club (GPAC), a swim team, offers competitive swimming and swim lessons for children three years old through high school.

Pool Size: The pool is twenty-five yards long and six lanes wide and is heated to between 83° and 84° degrees.

Lockers: There are locker rooms available with lockers to store personal items.  Locks must be furnished by the swimmer.  Belongings may not be left overnight.

Our Staff: Our staff is highly qualified and experienced coaches, instructors, and lifeguards.  They will help you learn and accomplish your goals.

Pool Class Schedule

AEROBIC SWIMMING/MASTER SWIMMERS:  5:30am and 8am Mon – Fri and 6:30am on Sat.

AQUA DYNAMICS I: 7am, 9am and 10am Mon, Wed, Fri and Tues & Thurs and 6:35pm on Mon, Wed & Tues, Thurs.

RECREATION SWIM: Swim is 11am to 1pm Mon – Sat and 7:30pm to 10pm Mon – Thurs.

Aqua Boot Camp at 9am on Mon, Wed, Fri

Aqua Combo on Sat at 8am.



PSC Aquatics Classes

Aqua Boot Camp (35 hours)

This deep end class utilizes weights, fitness tubes, and boards
for exercises, and mixes in aerobic swimming for a cardio workout.
A buoyancy belt is used, and goggles are required.
Course R 06156

Aqua Combo Saturday (11 hours)

Exercises are done in both shallow and deep ends of the pool
utilizing water resistance equipment and optional buoyance
Course R 06489

Aqua Dynamics I (24 hours)

This shallow-end course helps individuals to achieve their
physical fitness goals by providing instruction in water exercise.
Work at your own pace.
Course R 04398.

Aqua Dynamics I (35 hours)

This shallow end course helps individuals to achieve their
physical fitness goals by providing instruction in water exercise.
Work at your own pace.
Course R 06157.

Individual Swim Lessons (6 hours)

Receive one-on-one instruction to learn to swim or improve
skills in a shorter alternative to the ten-hour individual swim.
NOTE: Contact Kay Miller, 850-484-1311 to plan a schedule
before enrolling.
Course R 06463.
Open Enrollment

Kids Swim Club, Ages 6–12 (7 hours)

Join PSC Kids’ Swim Club! Enhance your skills and gain
confidence swimming. Students, ages 6-12, learn beyond the
basics each week, enhancing their swimming skills. Parent
drop-off/pick-up is allowed.
Course R 06530.

Mommy and Me Swim (8 hours)

Children ages 6 months up to 3 years will attend class with an
adult family member to feel comfortable in the water and to
begin to learn to swim.
Course R 06160.
NOTE: Course N 00371 Is for registration for the parent.

Rec Swim Child, Ages 6–13 (96 hours)

Reduced fee for children ages 6-13 to participate in the
recreation/leisure swim time with an adult family member who
is taking aquatics classes or enrolled in Recreation and Leisure
Swim. Course R 06531.
Open Enrollment

Recreation & Leisure Swimming (96 hours)

Utilize the pool during recreation swim hours for open swim.
Lifeguard is on duty. Monday–Thursday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and 7-10
p.m.; Fridays, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and Saturdays, TBA. For a schedule,
call Kay Miller at 850-484-1311. Course R 00065.
Open Enrollment

Senior Swim Discount (96 hours)

Senior adults ages 60 years or older who are members of the
Senior Club may utilize the pool during the recreation swim
hours for a discounted fee.
NOTE: Permission to enroll is required. Contact Kay Miller, 850-
484-1311, for information and permission. Course R 06143.
Open Enrollment